The company

ReMa Manufacturing Technology Ltd.

Our enterprise was founded in 1999. The former automotive industry conveying experiences and our connections laid the foundation of beginning. We soon changed over from manufactrung car- and machine industry part sin medium and big series to that of tempered and surface treated parts. By now mounted sets, parts of transmission represent the major share of our work. Our manufactured articles with few exceptions will be installed in machines of renowed Western European machine manufacturer firms.

Manufacturing machine parts

Our activity comprises in the first place both processing chipped parts in small and medium series and manufacturing complete mounted sets, however, there is a chance for us to manufacture welded structures and pressed plate parts, respectively. Apare parts are delivered according to the Buyer’s regulations i.e. in a tempered way or even surface-treated, as well.

Representation of firms

Our experiences of several decades in Germany and the full knowledge of investment conditions in Hungary potentiate us even to carry out firm-representing and advisory functions for companies coming from German speaking territories.

Presentation of our production conditions